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Searches for music, previews full songs and purchases high quality tracks
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allTunes is a program promoted as an "assistant" to enable you to buy music on line "just when you feel convenient to do so", but at first glance seems it is nothing but a sales program tailored to the trade system designed by the seller. allTunes developers say that it is a program designed to make it easy to search, buy and download music when it's convenient for you, etc.,

Once installed, allTunes makes a catalog update (downloading a 16.2 MB file), this increases the program performance when you do searches.

Searches can be done by artist, song title, style, etc. The application finds matches and always shows you a very large list. In this list you can explore and play samples to see if the selected song is the audio you want to buy or not. It also includes the “buy” and “add to cart” options.

If you like to buy your music on line, selecting from various formats, different qualities and bitrates, or for different music players, it is indeed a good choice, because this program can simplify the process for you, from searching up to the acquisition.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • They have a really big catalog
  • All formats, bitrates and players supported


  • It is good for buying only
  • Downloads a really big "catalog update"
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